It is said there are four stages to making a real change in a life situation: Alertness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Some four years ago We came across some staggering information: – one in three women over the age of 55 is living in financial poverty. This cohort of women is the most likely to find themselves homeless in the future. And most of these women have never experienced homelessness before. These are facts. We confirmed them time and again as we read and researched all the data and statistics we could find. We had become alerted to the problem, and then like many others, We became interested in what was being done and how this tragedy had happened.

For women over 55, their most urgent need is safe, affordable, long-term housing. It’s so basic; such common sense. The statistics and data prove that providing women with security of housing will decrease the ever growing need for many government and community funded services such as mental health, declining physical health due to malnutrition and poor diet, crime and domestic violence and emergency housing and food relief.
We quickly moved into the desire stage; the desire to do something, to see things change, to alert others to this shameful situation.

Through articles in the SpringDale Messenger We put out an invitation to the women in our area who were in this situation to share their stories and experiences. We had women from all walks of life and backgrounds bravely opening up about their journeys. We also had women who wanted to help and support in whatever way they could.

And so our team, Women Living Well (WLW) on The Bellarine began. We moved into the ACTION stage.

What will we be able to achieve? That will depend upon the ones who step up and get involved and offer their skills, experiences, knowledge and wisdom. We would say at the moment we have all the information we need and there is hardly a day goes by where this problem is not discussed and dissected
by the media and in conversations all over the country. We are alert, we are interested, and many now have the desire for ACTION.
Will you join us?

Women Living Well is auspiced by SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre, and is a team of like-minded women on The Bellarine who are passionate about improving the life and well-being of Women over 55 who are living in financial stress.

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